Scuba Diving in Bora Bora

Known as the island with one of the most beautiful lagoons in the world, Bora Bora is an island paradise.

The 3 TOPDIVE centers are located :

  • In Vaitape, facing the only pass called Te Ava Nui, the diving center is perfectly situated for easy access to the ocean’s exceptional sites around Bora Bora island.
  • Located in the heart of the InterContinental Resort & Thalasso Spa, this new dive center offers the comfort worthy of this 5 star hotel. 5 minutes by boat from the Four Seasons Hotel, the St. Régis and the Méridien Hotel, this center is ideally situated for exploring the lagoon, special manta ray or shark dives on the outskirts of the lagoon.
  • The last location at the Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort & Spa offers a quality service for every type of diving.

    We like :

    • Free transfers from all resorts and pensions (by mini van on the island and by boat on the motus)
    • Free Nitrox immediately available
    • Manta rays in the lagoon
    There, you will discover dive sites of unique biodiversity. Like that of ANAU, where manta rays come to get a grooming from the cleaner fish on the site. On other sites, you will encounter an abundance of rich marine fauna like turtles, sharks, manta rays and countless other species.

    From the subsidence of the main volcano, was born its unforgettable lagoon and coral reef with many “motu” (islet) with sumptuous white sand beaches encircling the main island.

    The arrival in Bora Bora will leave you one of the best memories of your visit : the airport is located on a motu, you will cruise on the lagoon where motu host splendid hotels with luxurious bungalows.

    Bora Bora’s reputation also owes much to the many artists, writers and sailors came to settle on the island.

    Diving sites in Bora Bora

    1 - Tapu

    Ocean dive /20mn boat ride — Mooring depth : 30 feet — Maximum depth : 130 feet


    Exiting the pass, one of the most famous sites of Bora Bora. From the coral drop-off, you will meet lemon sharks, black tip sharks, humphead maori wrasses, moray eels, turtles …
    Découvrir ce site avec un récit de plongée

    2 - Muri Muri

    Ocean dive /30mn boat ride – Mooring depth: 30 feet – Maximum depth: 130 feet


    An exceptional deep blue. Accompanied by grey sharks, you encounter a large coral plateau leading to a sandbank inhabited by a colony of gardener morays. In deep open water, you may sight schools of jacks, Heller’s barracudas, but also turtles and giant barracudas. Anchor or drift dive depending on weather conditions.
    Découvrir ce site avec un récit de plongée

    3 - Haapiti

    Ocean dive /25mn boat ride — Mooring depth : 30 feet — Maximum depth : 100 feet

    From a gently sloping drop-off, shallow craters retain more varied fauna. Near the narrow reef canyons, a magnificent spectacle unfolds. Blacktip and lemon sharks galore, as well as amazing marine flora.

    4 - Teavanui Pass

    Ocean-Lagoon dive /20mn boat ride — Mooring depth : 10 meters / 33 feet — Maximum depth : 30 meters / 98 feet

    Several steps will lead you to the middle of the pass. Black tip and white tip sharks can be seen, as well as schools of scads, barracudas, tunas…and sometimes manta rays. The way back, follows a wall with a variety of blue coral which cannot be found anywhere else.

    5 - Toopua

    Lagoon dive /25mn boat ride — Mooring depth : 16 feet — Maximum depth : 100 feet

    Many tropical fish gather along the wall, among others, anemones with their clown fish. At the bottom, you find a large sand bank where eagle rays and sting rays wander searching for food. Anchor or drift dive depending upon weather conditions

    6 - The Aquarium

    Lagoon dive /5mn boat ride — Mooring depth : 13 feet — Maximum depth : 16 feet

    Protected site, ideal for beginners. You are welcomed by dozens of multicoloured fish among beautiful coral heads.

    7 - Anau

    Ocean dive /5mn boat ride — Mooring depth : 20 feet — Maximum depth : 82 feet

    You will follow a slope where rose corals grow, they are usually inhabited by various coral fauna. One may very likely meet manta rays there due to the fact that a lot of cleaner fish are waiting for them.

    8 - Tupitipitu (private boat only)

    Ocean dive /40mn boat ride — No mooring — Maximum depth : 130 feet

    At the very southern point of the barrier reef, a breathtaking landscape and an exceptional visibility.
    20 meters deep, many coral boulders have shaped into a network of grotto and canyon where many species are hiding. You will then reach a vertiginous wall covered with lovely flora.

    9 - Tupai (private boat only)

    Ocean dive /60mn boat ride — No mooring — Maximum depth : 130 feet

    A visit to this virgin island promises an unforgettable day. You will appreciate the solitude, enjoying the crystal clear waters and its various spots…from beautiful coral gardens to breathtaking undersea walls. From August and November is the Whale migration season. The humpback whales like to swim in these quiet waters and can be easily approached.

    Open 7 days a week, the TOPDIVE Bora Bora centers and its team will offer your amazing dives to encounter the polynesian aquatic fauna : introductory dive, fun dive, certification dives, plongées à thèmes… for beginner as advanced divers, our quality standards are comfort, service and safety.

    Our comfortable dive boats are moored on our private pontoon, a few steps from the divecenter. Everything is done to make your dives to be as pleasant as possible.


    Boats :

    • 1 NSI Aluminium dive boat – 20 personnes
    • 4 NSI Aluminium dive boat – 12 personnes

    Dive schedule :

    8:00am – 2 Fun dives (2 successive tank dives, full morning)
    2:00pm – Fun dive, introductory dive and certification dive

    Equipment :

    55 Aqualung Seaquest Pro & Pro QD BCDs
    110 steel tanks for Air and Nitrox (6L, 10L, 12L, 15L)
    55 Aqualung regulators with direct-system, octopus and gauge console with dive computer (Sunto Gekko)
    60 3 mm shorty wetsuits
    20 Aqualung Safaga 3 mm wetsuits
    60 sets of Aqualung fins, mask and snorkel



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