Scuba Diving in Tetiaroa

The Tetiaroa atoll is a natural jewel of the South pacific. This beautiful island presents a breathtaking turquoise blue lagoon with lush vegetation – just like a place in our dreams. Benefiting from a wildlife protection and preservation program, Tetiaroa is another sanctuary of biodiversity in the Pacific. During the dives, you will encounter many colorful fish in their coral habitat (triggerfish, parrotfish, surgeonfish…). You will also see big animals that frequent the external slope of the reef: white tip sharks, grey sharks, spotted eagle rays, turtles, dogtooth tuna…

The TOPDIVE divecenter is located in the prestigious hotel “The Brando”. This luxury resort offers a new ecological vision of tourism. It combines lavish luxury with environmental friendliness. Our divecenter proposes professional and quality service allowing you to discover the atoll’s incredible dive sites in perfect comfort.


    We like :

    • The comfort at the Brando hotel
    • Whales watching
    • Introductory dive in the crystal-clear waters of the lagoon
    • Private diving excursion available
    Tetiaroa is the only one atoll in the archipelago of the Windward Islands. Its crystal clear lagoon is encircled by 13 motu. Completely closed, its reef does not provide navigable access to the lagoon from the open sea.
    These motus offer a little preserved and protected paradise, full of rich and varied marine and wildlife as well as exceptional seabed, making also the subject of studies and observations for oceanographers.

    This atoll is a real reserve for seabirds, including the Motu Tahuna Iti, also known as the “bird island”, where come to breed frigates, gannets, white-tailed tropic brown boobies and red-footed boobies ….

    In 1965, Marlon Brando acquired the atoll for 99 years after filming “Mutiny on the Bounty”. Tetiaroa, accessible only by boat is still an exceptional place by its majestic beauty and calm, which visitors keep a wonderful memory.

    Diving sites in Tetiaroa

    1 - The canyons


    After 20 minutes by boat, you arrive at the dive site that is at a depth of 65ft. A maze of canyons opens up the upper part – rich in coral. The site hosts many tropical fish that benefit from the crosscurrent of the « false pass ». Referred to as a false pass since there is no opening in the reef. As the dive progresses you become a spectator in this underwater labyrinth that offers a beautiful showcase of wildlife. Spotted eagle rays, white tip sharks, humphead wrasses and barracudas are all part of the scenery.

    Découvrir ce site avec un récit de plongée

    2 - Eden park


    After 15 minutes from the divecenter you start the dive on a white sandy plateau scattered with various coral formations. The perfect habitat for many colorful fish : surgeonfish, butterflyfish, clownfish, bannerfish… The sunlight reflects onto the sand offering a breathtaking setting. In the deeper part of the dive (from 50 to 65ft), the reef drops off, giving free access to white tip sharks, spotted eagle rays, barracudas and turtles…

    3 - The Circus


    The site is well adapted to beginner divers considering its shallow depth (50ft maximum). The reef is full of fish that form a semi-circle on the sandy bottom. This dive site frequently hosts many hawksbill and green turtles that come to feed and rest – a real awesome wildlife encounter for divers.

    4 - Aquarium in Tetiaroa


    Only 20 minutes by boat from the dive center, the Aquarium divesite is located between two “motu” (islets). It proposes a maximum depth of 10ft perfect for introductory and certification dives. You skirt around coral formations during the dive which are inhabited by an high concentration of tropical fish : damselfish, bannerfish, butterflyfish and porcupinefish…

    5 - The Pinnacles


    This lagoon site is dotted by a myriad coral formations home to a variety of fish species. Then you follow a coral wall at a maximum depth of 26ft.

    Open 7 days a week, our team members will be pleased to answer to any inquiery regarding private or regular dive.

    our inflated boats are comfortable and adapted for the diving in Tetiaroa.


    Dive schedule :

    8:00am – Fun dives (2 successive dives, full morning)
    2:00pm – Fun dives, introductory dives and certification dives

    Les plongées sont exclusivement réservées aux client de l’hôtel The Brando.

    Equipment :

    AQUALUNG partner

    16 Aqualung Wave upscale life jackets
    20 aluminium tanks Air
    20 aluminium tanks NITROX
    12 regulators (with emergency regulator
    16 Shorty wetsuits
    8 integral wetsuits
    24 sets of fins, mask and snorkel

    Boats :

    • 1 Carolina Skyff dive boat – 6 divers
    • 1 Semi-rigid dive boat – 5 divers


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Dive reservations for Tetiaroa are only available at special rates on site with the hotel concierge. Click on the logo.