The 7 islands TOPDIVE

Your diving trip in French Polynesia will meet all your needs of divers whatever your level. The TOPDIVE concept allows you to dive into the same level of comfort and safety in all centers thanks to the Inter-Islands Pass. What will you find ?

At the White Valley in Tahiti, you will regularly observe tiger sharks. Do not miss the whales watching from August to October.

Diving is one of the key activities of Moorea, in particular for lemon sharks encounter.

The luxury of Bora Bora continues underwater. The vertiginous falls outside the airport will impress you, while Lagoon coral gardens allow you to encounter the manta rays.

The guests from THE BRANDO hotel on Tetiaroa atoll will dive into this breathtaking atoll whose development is controlled. The dives are exclusive and wildlife is protected.

Tikehau can be your first discovery of the Tuamotu archipelago and its amazing atolls. Manta rays will surely welcome you.

Dives are spectacular in Rangiroa. In the current of the Tiputa pass, you will see all the wildlife of the Tuamotu, especially hammerhead sharks and curious dolphins.

The northern pass of Fakarava is the largest of french Polynesia. It hosts numerous Longimanus sharks. Colorful coral gardens, protected from the current, are home of an huge number of leaf fish.

The southern pass of Fakarava is narrower. You will inevitably be amazed in front of the wall of whitetips and blacktips sharks or the very sociable napoleons wrasses. Between the full moons from June to July, you will attend to incredible gathers of marbled groupers for the breeding season.

We can advise you in this unique choice of destinations.