TOPDIVE’s Strong Points


Availability takes many forms in TOPDIVE , with one purpose : allowing you to enjoy diving in Polynesia French , when and as needed :

  • 24 boats, located on the main islands , are ready to receive you. Failures are rare. A team of technicians is available 7 days a week and continuously to ensure the good functioning of boats.
  • Our boats are large enough for a group, to accommodate the disabled, and to equip comfortably on board and talk with friends.
  • Diving coaching is mandatory in French Polynesia, even for independent divers. Monitors employees are in sufficient number to meet the requirement of supervision. More than fifty declared employees and individual entrepreneurs insure this legal obligation.


French Polynesia shines in the diving destinations thanks to the warm welcoming that all visitors could enjoy. TOPDIVE is no exception to the rule :

  • The centers operated by TOPDIVE have all a welcome desk open in continuous hours. While all center’s boats left the dock, there is always someone to answer to the phone and to welcome you with a drink. You don’t have to wait, there is so much to do in our islands.
  • The largest atolls have multiple bases spread over atolls and motus hotels. This is the case in Bora Bora and Rangiroa. In this case, you don’t need anymore to visit us in the main dive center.
  • The hotel concierges know us well. They can help you organize your diving experience during your stay.


Your diving experience should be at the height of the effort you have made to visit Tahiti and her Islands.

  • TOPDIVE settled in the islands where diving allows enjoying its unforgettable fauna and flora.
  • TOPDIVE centers are located on the islands where local flights are sufficiently frequent to let you continue your journey.


Diving takes different forms, depending on the needs of the diver.

  • We are listening to all divers, whatever their diving organization, whatever their level.
  • The airline companies impose baggage weight limitations. For your convenience, you could loan all the equipment needed to dive. Aqualung brand swimsuits and personal equipment will be available.
  • Before your arrival, and throughout your stay, we know your preferences. We prepare your diving equipment to the right size, so you have just to jump into your swimswit !!!
  • Water can be rare on the Tuamotus. However, we make sure to offer you the comfort of a luxury hotel : a shower, transport…
  • The comfort continues after diving , with the snack, beaches, bars or restaurants usually available a few blocks from most of our centers.


Nitrox offers safer and less tiring dives. We hope you will do numerous dives in our centers. Therefore Nitrox has a real interest :

  • For Nitrox diving, it requires Nitrox. The delivery of oxygen blocks is too difficult in the islands, and Nitrox inflation is dangerous. Therefore, TOPDIVE has equipped its centers with Diaphragm compressors, ensuring constant and unconstrained air and Nitrox inflation. We will not tell you that Nitrox is not available today !
  • We apply the procedures of the largest diving organizations. You will complete the blocks filling forms, helping you to plan well the characteristics of your diving.
  • Nitrox diving is not difficult. If you are not yet Nitrox certified but want to enjoy the security and benefits of Nitrox, our instructors can offer you a very fast training to obtain a certificate of competences recognized in all TOPDIVE centers.


French Polynesia is proud to be a safe country. All activities that you will practice will leave you good memories.

  • TOPDIVE strictly adheres to the legal obligations. Only state Patents are allowed to work in a professional structure as TOPDIVE.

  • The divers, even independant, are supervised during fun dives. You will get the advices of a specialist of the island, to be sure to enjoy your dives.

  • Our dive centers are frequently controlled by the regulation authorities of the French Polynesia’s Government. We are proud to show the inspectors but also to yourself, all the safety equipment that we implement, both at sea and on land.