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Our advices to dive in Polynesia with TOPDIVE

Can we decide the dive sites we want to dive in ?

The dive sites are choosen by our instructors, this depending on weather conditions – confirmation 4-5 days before the planned dive.

Are there any difference of rates if we bring our own equipment ?

Our rates are the same whether or not you have your own equipment.

Should we book the dates of our dives in advance, or can we do this on site ?

It is possible to book your dives on site, however, we advise you to do so in advance.

If my friend is in training (OWD or SD), would I have the opportunity to dive with him ?

Yes, it is possible to dive together, respecting the depth limitation that is granted.

During the dives of my friend, would I have the opportunity to accompany him (as non diver) ?

Yes, it is possible according to the availabilities on board, the priority is given to divers. The confirmation and payment will be made on site according to the availabilities on board.

What's the water temperature ?

Throughout the year, temperatures vary between 23 ° and 29 ° (celsus).

What is the best season for lemon sharks / manta rays encounters - Where can you see them, which islands ?

You can observe them throughout the year.

The most popular sites are :

** Lemon sharks : Tahiti, the White Valley,

** Manta rays : Bora Bora, Anau site

Warning, if these sites are reputed to see these species, TOPDIVE does not guarantee the encounter.

Can we do three dives per day ?

For safety reasons, we limit the number of dives per day and per diver at 2 dives. Nitrox certified divers will have the opportunity to dive up to 3 times a day (or 4 in Rangiroa – Sunset with a minimum of 4 divers). For non-certified divers, we advise them to pass Nitrox certification during their first 2 dives. It will allow them for next days to do more dives per day (3/4).

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