Fun dive

Fun dive in french Polynesia
The underwater encounters that are possible in all polynesian archipelagos explain the enthusiasm of divers for the destination : sharks, dolphins, turtles, whales. The dives constitute in themselves the reason for a trip.
What makes the charm and beauty of diving in Polynesia is its wildlife. Schools of great barracudas, napoleons wrasses, surgeons, unicorn, snappers, soldiers fish, groupers, lionfish …
The presence of sharks is almost guaranteed, it is really rare to not see them. Protected by law since 2006, they are part of the landscape.



Fun dive with TOPDIVE :


  • All equipment are included : fins, mask, snorkel, regulator, timer / depth gauge / computer, weights.
  • You are guidded by a state licensed professional.
  • Your guide will inform you, guide you and ensure your safety during the dive.
  • The boats are comfortable.
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