Diving Sites in Moorea

We like :

  • Islang with “thousand” activities
  • Free Nitrox immediately available
  • Lemon sharks sanctuary
  • Night diving
  • Roseshapped corals
  • Free transfers from all resorts and pensions
Moorea has the shape of a trident with her two beautiful bays (Cook and Opunohu). Moorea is described as a gigantic garden with tropical fragrances, lush vegetation, peaceful rivers, waterfalls, beautiful “fare” with pandanus roofs surrounded by some beautiful gardens. Some beautiful white sand beaches emerge here and there.

Moorea is surrounded by a coral reef opened by 12 passes, including one with the dock of ferry from Tahiti, “sister island”, located 17 km away.

We never tired of diving into the clear water where all water activities can be practiced, motorized or not … to meet the stingrays and other many species of colorful fish.

Some of the highlights of Moorea diving – the Moorea Shark experience, where you actually get to swim with the sharks in a safe and calm atmosphere and the deep dive in the Garden of Roses – beautiful coral roses (Montipora) are not to be missed !

Diving sites in Moorea

1 - Tiki point

Ocean dive /12mn boat ride — Mooring depth : 55 feet — Maximum depth : 75 feet

World famous for its clear water, numerous sharks and fish, this site is an area where wild sea life is incredibly abundant and stirring. It is the spot for of most Moorea marine surprises and, occasionally a very good spot for whale or dolphin watching. You will see many black tips sharks, grey reef sharks and the big (10 ft) lemon sharks. Discover why so many professional underwater photographer come to work here…

2 - Aito

Drift dive /10mn boat ride — Mooring depth : 55 feet — Maximum depth : 80 feet

Close to Tiki point, you will find similar marine life except for an occasional turtles. With luck you may see up to 7 during the same dive, and many Emperor Angel fish. The reef break is a bit deeper and we may have some current. Incredible marine flora and fauna !

3 - Taotoï

Ocean dive /4mn boat ride — Mooring depth : 35 feet — Maxi depth : 60 feet

One of our favourite spots. Many fishes move from one side of the island to the other, passing through this area. As one of the highlights – you will enjoy the huge moray eels quite impressive.

4 - Taotoï pass

Drift dive /2mn boat ride — Mooring depth : no Mooring – Maximum depth : 60 feet

An exceptional dive not always accessible due to the weather conditions. You will find different levels of visibility, depth and types of fauna. The dive starts from inside the lagoon and you then drift with the current outside the reef, encountering a variety of amazing marine fauna: eagle rays, humphead wrasses (napoleon fish), huge nurse and white tip sharks… On the bottom, you find shells taking in the nourishment that the current carries. At the end of the pass, arriving in open sea, you will see an explosion of light and colours from the teeming life. At the point where the lagoon and ocean waters meet, you find a high density of sea life : eagle rays, numerous jackfish, and sharks, …

5 - The Rays' Corridor

Lagoon /7mn boat ride – Mooring Depth : 5 feet – Maxi Depth : 60 feet

The Rays Corridor dive is a lagoon dive ideal for beginners, and refresher courses.
A site of beautiful coral with a multitude of reef fish. For most divers, there are frequent meetings with white tips sharks and a group of eagle rays (sometimes more than 40 of them). A great experience, even for experienced divers !

6 - The Rays' Corridor drift

Drift dive /2mn boat ride – Mooring depth : No Mooring — Maxi depth : 60 feet

A very special dive. Sometimes, a huge barracuda stays with us during this time. Very good for photos in crystal clear and shallow water. Then on to a white sandy slope where you start the long drift dive (1.5 to 2 miles), following the natural lagoon channel. Just let the current take you and enjoy the dramatic declivity of the coral walls. Look out for the schools of eagle rays and the white tip sharks that stay hidden in coral caves or just lying on the sand. The dive ends is on a coral table surrounded by the coral inhabitants and bottom dwellers.

7 - Opunohu coral wall

Ocean dive /8mn boat ride — Mooring depth : 45 feet — Maxi depth : 90 feet

The show begins onboard with the best view of “the most beautiful island in the world”. Once you’ve seen Opunohu bay by boat, you’ll know what we’re taking about. The bay is also a very protected area from the eastern winds and waves.
Once in the water, you will discover a very special dive for this island, with great coral walls and canyons. You can do several dives in the same area : one goes deeper to the “small (coral) rose garden”, a specific kind of coral. The other goes along the big wall. The third one finishes near the Sharks’ dining room. In all of the dives, you will encounter sea turtles, sharks and tropical fish and probably a few huge moray eels before crossing from one canyon to the other, staying in the middle of clear water.

8 - The Anemones

Ocean dive /10mn boat ride — Mooring depth : 4 feet

You’ll be visiting Nemo’s cousin’s house! This is an ideal “first ocean dive” – shallow and easy. You will see sharks (black tips) our friend Janine, a friendly turtle, octopi and many tropical fish.

9 - The Garden of Roses

Ocean dive /12 mn boat ride — Mooring depth : 45 feet — Maximum depth : 120 feet

The rose garden is a world renowned one. Although an experienced diver certification level is required due to the decompression stops necessary. For safety reasons, you must have a rescue diver level to be allowed access and have done at least one previous dive with us. Spectacular for the “roses”, the big sharks and the very special undersea atmosphere… After this dive, a 24 hours surface interval is mandatory before an outbound flight. Access to this dive is subjet to divemaster approval and depending on bookings.

10 - The Opunohu Canyons

Ocean dive /12mn boat ride — Mooring depth: 45 feet — Maximum depth 90 feet

Keeping to the bottom of the small canyon, you will see plenty of small marine fauna, black tip sharks, and of course huge lemon sharks. At the end of the dive, just before the safety stop, we usually stop to see pretty anemones with their clown fish.