Scuba Diving in Fakarava North

Réserve de biosphère de Polynésie
A veritable undersea Garden of Eden. Fakarava has been classified as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve due to the rich diversity of its ecosystem. The undersea flora and fauna promises a richness in the myriad species you are likely to encounter.

Our dive center is located on the northern side in the village of Rotoava. A main meeting point for divers before and after dives.


    We like :

    • A very large pass to offer various dives
    • Sharks encounter during all dives
    • Mating season of marbled groupers
    • Amazing coral garden
    • Drift dive
    • Free transfers from all resorts and pensions
    Fakarava is the second largest atoll in French Polynesia. It is also part of seven atolls classified as “Biosphere Reserve” by UNESCO in 2006.

    The 2 passes that connect its lagoon to the ocean are GARUAE and TUMAKOHUA. They offer among the best dives in Polynesia. The northern pass of GARUAE is the largest in the Tuamotu Islands and probably holds the highest density of fish with the most amazing pelagic encounters ever seen.

    Consider visiting a pearl farm and the former Tetamanu village with its church built in 1874 with coral materials.

    Diving Sites in Fakarava North

    1 - Maiuru

    To the left, leaving the pass, we have the superb reef-flat at 65 feet before reaching the sharp drop-off. Channelled reef-flat, variety of corals notably acroporas (table corals) and soft corals. With fewer fish than OHUTU we can enjoy this dive for its habitat and unexpected encounters all throughout the dive. Due to unexpected currents, this dive recommended is particularly for the experienced diver.

    2 - Garuae Pass

    The widest in Polynesia – about a mile long. World renowned for its biodiversity, it is famous for currents, sometimes strong. A dive in this north pass will be an unforgettable adventure. For reasons of security and visibility, dives are conducted in slack water or with inflowing currents in accord with the tides and with your diving experience. You never know what you might come across. Giant specimens can appear at any moment from beyond the fore-reef. In the pass entrance, you will likely run into the famous Raira (gray reef shark) cruising by the dozen in a haze of fish and color. Be prepared for the Ali Baba canyon where the fish gather to shelter from the currents! This dive is from around a 50-70 foot depth. It requires significant experience with strong currents and divers in full command of their buoyancy and ease of movements.

    Découvrir ce site avec un récit de plongée

    3 - Ohotu Reef

    On the right side upon leaving the Garuae pass is the magnificent reef-flat at 40 feet, dipping gently to around 100 feet just before the drop-off wall. The dive will proceed along the wall and end back up on the coral gardens of the reef-flat. As well as exhibiting a profusion of vibrant and healthy coral specimens, the reef is a veritable hatching ground for fish. Along the drop-off, we usually come across grey and lagoon white-tip sharks, tuna, scads and manta rays. This dive is open to divers of all levels of experience.
    Découvrir ce site avec un récit de plongée

    4 - Pufana Reef

    Located inside the lagoon, near the north pass, shallow (down to 50 feet), the dive is ideal for beginners, training or supplementary dives. It is also the dream place for photographers in search of luminosity (white sand) and calm scenes sheltered from the currents. A good proliferation of flora and fauna of the area. You will come across all kinds of sharks.

    From the drift dive in the pass to the quietness of the coral garden, TOPDIVE Fakarava is the best dive center to organize your dive with the maximum of comfort and safety.

    The seasons bring a diversified fauna that certainly gives desire to come back.


    Dive schedule :

    – 8:00am : Fun dives
    – 10:30am : Introductory dives, certification dives (fun dives on request)
    – 02:00pm : Fun dives

    Sunset dives on request

    Boats :

    • 1 Aluminium open dive boat – 12 divers
    • 1 Semi-rigid boat – 18 divers
    • 1 Semi-rigid boat – 10 divers

    Equipment :

    AQUALUNG partner

    115 tanks aluminium/steel, Air/nitrox (6L, 10L, 12L, 15L)
    50 regulators (with emergency regulator and computer console)
    60 upscale life jackets (Sea quest and Pro QD)
    40 shorty wetsuits
    30 integral wetsuits
    40 sets of fins, mask and snorkel



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