Diving Sites in Tahiti

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  • Refresh dive before other islands
  • Free Nitrox immediately available
  • Tiger sharks
  • Wreck diving
  • Night diving
  • Free transfers from all resorts (From Le Méridien to Tahiti Nui Hotel)
Tahiti will offer you your first introduction into the rich, tropical waters of French Polynesia. The incredible biodiversity of the dive sites showcase the rich flora and fauna, from colourfull nudibranches to Lemon sharks. Tahiti is also the ideal island to learn scuba diving with some perfect dive sites in the lagoon like “the aquarium” or “the wrecks”.

Don’t miss the most spectacular and unique dive – the Tahiti Shark experience, where certified divers get to discover, in a perfectly safe and risk-free atmosphere, Polynesia’s most common species of shark – the Whitetip reef shark, the Blacktip reef shark and the Lemon shark !

Diving sites in Tahiti

1 - The Arue fault

Ocean dive /25mn boat ride — Mooring depth : 50 feet — Maximum depth : 196 feet

Located on the east coast of Tahiti, the dive site is a beautiful undersea cave at the depth of around 100 feet. A wall starts at around 15 feet where you’ll find different species of fish and crayfish. Considered as one of the more attractive dives on the east coast.

Découvrir ce site avec un récit de plongée

2 - La Zélée

Ocean dive /15mn boat ride – Mooring depth : 33 feet – Maximum depth : 196 feet

Site located around Papeete, next to the main port, near the pass. The site of an old wreck in several pieces. You can see black and pink coral at around 70 feet. Many pelagic fish frequent the area.

3 - Aquarium

Lagoon dive /1mn boat ride – Mooring depth : 6.5 feet – Maximum depth : 40 feet

Located on the west coast near our dive centre, it is certainly one of the best spots for novice divers to discover. You’ll find a coral ring, as an ideal introduction to the first dives. Hundreds of colourful tropical fish frequent the area and “play” with their visitors. The 3 wrecks serve as artificial reefs to this area: a Cessna (16 feet long) and 2 boats.

4 - Papa Whisky

Ocean dive /15mn boat ride – Mooring depth : 65 feet – Maximum depth : 165 feet

“Papa whisky” is the name given to the small artificial island located adjacent to the airport of Faa’a. The breaker one can distinguish on the surface seems to be that of a cliff. It is, in fact, the edge of a vast amphitheatre (230 feet long) created by the collapse of one part of an undersea plateau. The interior of the structure better withstands the force of the surrounding currents.

At this point, 2 exploration dive plans are possible; one by way of the southern extremity of the arena and the other one from the northern point. Both options are recommended only to experienced divers. The journey on the South side is a beautiful geographical fault covered with yellow gorgonian coral formations. The north point is also rich in gorgonian coral although there are groups of violet coral. Once in awhile, you may come across some tuna that sometimes follow divers from a distance before disappearing into the blue. The visibility is often excellent from 150-200 feet where the ocean becomes an abrupt wall of cliff. You’ll find that the Gorgonian coral even bigger and dense at this depth.

5 - Moray eel point

Ocean dive /10mn boat ride – Mooring depth : 65 feet – Maximum depth : 147 feet

Located on the west coast in the direction of Punaauia, near the Tapuna pass. You find a coral plateau with canyons. There is also coral reef barrier where you may see moray eels, Blacktip and Whitetip sharks as well as other marine species.

6 - Turtle's flat

Ocean dive /8mn boat ride – Mooring depth : 50 feet – Maximum depth : 130 feet

The dive owes its name to the fantastic turtles that you may see. Generally, you’ll see 3-5 very friendly turtles that you will never forget. Around the site, you’ll appreciate the drop-off inhabited by blue coral.

7 - The Spring

Ocean dive /15mn boat ride – Mooring depth : 50 feet – Maximum depth : 100 feet

The site is named after a spring of fresh water emerging from the depths of the ocean. The source emerges from 15 – 20 feet below the surface. It is easily visible through the column of bubbles of water that escapes. Beyond the source, you can go down to 70 feet. It is quite possible to encounter sharks or at night Humphead Maori wrasses.

From both sides of the spring range are beautiful valleys that are parallel to the coast. These valleys are rich in marine life. Many turtles come and « play » with the divers.

8 - Temaruata

Ocean dive /20mn boat ride — Mooring depth : 73 feet — Maximum depth : 100 feet

The beauty of Polynesia in one place! Enjoy the exceptional view of the coral garden, where all species of fish abound. White tip sharks, barracudas, moray eels swim around you. The site offers the opportunity to “bait” sharks. The variety of corals will amaze you. Take the time to explore this area and let the fish amaze you.

9 - The sea fans

Ocean dive /30mn boat ride — Mooring depth : 33 feet — Maximum depth : 200 feet

Site located on the west coast near Paea, it owes its name to a roof covered with fantastic Gorgonian coral. You may encounter Silky sharks taking refuge in the faults.

10 - The Wrecks

Lagoon dive /5mn boat ride — Mooring depth : 20 feet — Maximum depth : 70 feet

This dive allows you to explore the wrecks of a plane and an old schooner, one of the last relics of the inter-island traffic from past years. The airplane wreck is situated on a sand bar, lying on its right wing. You can even safely explore the wreck by the port located on the fuselage’s left side (less than 50 feet in depth) or through the cockpit. A bit farther, you’ll find the schooner, still considered to be a beautiful wooden wreck.
Découvrir ce site avec un récit de plongée

11 - The White Valley

Ocean dive /20mn boat ride — Mooring depth : 50 feet — Maximum depth : 200 feet

An exceptionally beautiful dive for its marine fauna. Blacktip sharks, Lemon sharks and Grey sharks. Schools of silver jackfish, triggerfish and a myriad fish species. Recommended for a drift dive.